I'm a copywriter.

No, my work has nothing to do with copyrights or trademarks.

I find the words that reflect the vision and goals of business, industry, academia, religion, and the performing arts.

My writing is simple, honest, compelling.

Often entertaining.

Today, there's a huge demand to provide content for print, broadcast, digital and social media. To meet this demand, I study your brand, evaluate  your business objectives, and scrutinize your customer profile. This leads to engaging copy with an authentic voice. 


With over 35 years' experience, I bring fresh eyes and vital objectivity.  I ask a lot of questions because clients often have a blinding bias toward their product or service. 


Clients also hire me to write speeches and improve existing documents, scripts, and websites that are out of date or poorly written. 


I simplify, clarify, and dignify. 

So, when you're ready to pull the trigger, give me a call.

• Describe your needs.

• Shoot me some deadlines.

Tell me where it hurts.

I'll find the words that make your story sing.


Like Springsteen!




Copywriting is a mercurial process.


Some think it's simple. That anyone can write effective copy.


It isn't. They can't.


Effective copywriting is really, really hard work which requires strategic thinking, careful market analysis, and constant collaboration. It's propelled by irresistible words that sell millions of ideas, products and services. Every hour. Every day. 

I began my career in retail as a Promotions Director for a major shopping mall. I created special events, executed center-wide merchandising events, published a monthly advertising supplement, and wrote a shipload of copy for print and broadcast media. It was demanding, yet, downright fun! 


Later, I was promoted to Marketing Director and formed the Center's first in-house ad agency. I wrote and produced commercial jingles and supervised awesome award-winning graphic artists and photographers. 

When the center was sold, the new owners promoted me to General Manager. In addition to being the Landlord's chief lease enforcer, I continued to develop marketing strategies for the retail merchant's association. It was an impossible duo-role bound for hell. I felt like an army medic assigning triage while under fire.

After the shopping center business, I attended graduate school, taught college, and operated my own ad agency, RichardSowersAdvertising, Inc. I led a new team as creative director, copywriter, and chief administrator. Our clients ranged from higher education to construction to management consulting, medical, manufacturing, real estate, food & beverage, museums, performing arts, religion, and the charitable non-profit sector, among others.


Years later, when both ends of my candle were thoroughly charred, I closed my agency with no debt, no unhappy vendors. and no regrets. Nobody cried. No one got hurt.


Today, I serve clients who need real copy, real fast. Clients applaud my originality and quick turnaround. Quick as a bunny.


After reading my samples below, give me a call. I want to get to know you. Your business. Your dreams. Your craziest ideas that some say won't work. 


We'll show 'em. -rs 

Sowers & Butterscotch

"Richard provides an amazing wealth of creativity and skill based on knowledge and experience in various industries and disciplines. I have watched Richard breathe excitement and "WOW" into a wide range of projects, always delivering above and beyond the needs and expectations of clients."  
-Kelly Kalb, Senior Instructional Designer, Intelligrated, Inc.
"Sowers is a true professional and his super-human work ethic helped us exceed our goals in record time. I’d hire him again in a minute."  -Jack Sheidler, Chairman of the Board, Citizens First Corporation, President of Greenwood Properties, Inc.
“I contracted Richard Sowers Advertising, Inc. to analyze our annual fund-raising efforts which, over the past 5 years, had diminished dramatically. His comprehensive report not only identified our pitfalls, but offered specific recommendations and a timeline to increase funding. In less that 16 months he raised over $325,000 for our department. Further, he created our Museum monthly newsletter which won a CASE creative design award in its first year."   -Dr. Michael Binder, Director of University Libraries and The Kentucky Museum
“Ever since I came to NASCO, we had sorely needed a corporate view book, but I didn't know where to start. Richard Sowers Advertising contacted me just when I had nearly given up. Being a manufacturing plant owned by a large Japanese company (NHK), I needed someone who could convince my very demanding superiors. Richard was the man. He created a beautiful book that told our story and pleased Corporate.”   -Gary Freeland, Plant Manager, NASCO Manufacturing, NHK Company

Request a free quote. Fill in the form below. Describe your vision, your needs, your goals. I'll get back to you ASAP, if not sooner.

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